During the research and workshop residency "Bufferzone" organized by Apartment Project in Istanbul and Cyprus in spring 2013, we traced different manifestations of the European outer borders. We explored aesthetic research strategies within urban territories troubled by segregation, displacement and unresolved issues from military and political conflict (in Cyprus).
Notes on discussions about segregating urban planning strategies, Caspar Pauli
Nicosia's medieval city wall also divided, some mapping attempts, Birgit Auf der Lauer

Two aesthetic inquiries we followed:
1. Peering at holes made and used by illegalized / migrant pedestrians in fenced up urban areas, mapping them.
2. Peering holes into military border structures while drawing where taking photos or video is forbidden.

Exploration with Apartment Project, Istanbul, March 2013
Image: Özgür Demirci, Istanbul 2013

Image: Selda Asal, Nicosia 2013

Selection of drawings, 
ink on transparent paper (21cm x 29,7 cm) created in Cyprus 2013
Before deciding on the two "peerings" we engaged in many briefer and longer research detours within the Bufferzone program. Some extracts shown on top of this page document this. Central for us was the question how we can achieve to not only think and make notes about the political issues but bring it into a public and more visible form which can transport the research into different realms.

Images above, installation of drawings (1,90 x 1m) at Apartment Project Berlin, 
photography and gif animation: Paul Holdsworth & Daniela Garcia del Pomar, 2013

Installationsansicht mit Betrachter, Art Truck / Les Prochaines, September 2014

Ansicht: Peering (at) Holes im Art Truck, Berlin Treptower Park, September 2014